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Welcome to RAAM TS34 2024

We are excited to bring you one of the best time stations on the course. 

It's our pleasure to be here to help the racers and crews of this, the hardest bicycle race.

Join us in the upcoming days as these super racers race though our towns having been on the road from Oceanside CA on their way to the finish at Annapolis MD

Click HERE for more information about RAAM

TS34 Rider Predictions

Check here to see when riders are predicted to arrive at Revolution Cycles

Not all riders stop.  Many crews arrive hours before their teams and many stay for a long visit.

Click HERE for TS34 Rider Predictions

Then click "Arrival Predictions - TS" drop down

Select #34-Washington, MO

Set Up Day Sunday June 16 12-4pm

Help us convert our parking lot and shop into TS34

We will be setting up for the race on Sunday.  We need help with the basics, so stop by.  Push a broom, hang a sign, carry a load...The more the merrier, and the lighter the load.  

We made TS34 great, but only with the help of many.


Sign up to help in any of the open time slots.  If you can, sign up for several!  If you can't make the whole shift, let us know and you can split one with someone.  We can use all the help we can get!

Click this link to go to our new online signup schedule!!  VOLUNTEER

We are switching to 2 hour time slots this year to make it easier to help out when you can. 

Click the link above for the correct volunteer times.  We'll update this soon.