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Service Price List

Here Are Basic Prices For Most Repairs

Repair Rates

Many of the repairs we perform have standardized cost. Sometimes situations exist that modify what we charge, but this list should help you with approximate services charges:

Full Tune Up - $85
Includes light wheel truing, all bearing adjustments, derailleur and brake adjustment, safety checkover, and lubrication. Please bring your bike in somewhat clean or an additional charge may apply. Don't hesitate to tell us if there are specific things that need special attention.


Chain Clean - $19
Got a gunky, squeaky, or sticky chain that needs a quick clean and lube?  This will do it.


Drive Train Clean - $30
An excellent accompaniment to any Tune Up.  We take off the entire drive train and put it in the parts washer.  Things run more smoothly when they're clean.  And they sparkle more.


Whole Bike Clean - $45
Have us clean your whole bike along with a tune up, or just so it’s shiny when you get it back.


Wheel Truing - $12-$25 per wheel.
Depending on the condition. Includes dishing, and tensioning.


Flat Fix - $12-30 plus the cost of a tube.
Wheels off a bicycle and Quick Release wheels are $12; bolt-on wheels are $15.  Ebike and scooter wheels are usually $30.  We can usually perform flat fixes on the spot. If recurring flats are a problem consider requesting tire liners, thorn resistant tubes or replacing the stock tires with Kevlar reinforced flat-resistant versions.


Bearing Adjustments - $12-$20
Keep your bike rolling, pedaling, and steering smoothly.


Bearing Overhaul - $30-$40
Plus the cost of new bearings.  Consider high grade cartridge or even ceramic bearings to increase your overall speed.


Suspension Fork Installation- From $40.00, depending on if a new headset needs to be installed,etc... Price include re-installing headset races, brakes, handlebars, and cutting down the fork steerer.


Overhaul Suspension Fork - $80
Plus seal and fluid.  Keep your suspension fork lively and leak free.


Complete Overhaul - $180
Includes disassembly, cleaning and reassembling the bicycle from the frame up. This is the ultimate act of love. We recommend this at least once every few years. Add new cables and housing, bearings and chain for ‘like new’ performance (not are included in this cost).


Derailleur Adjustments- $12 - $20
Properly adjusted derailleurs keep your bike shifting smooth and easy.  Sometimes new cables and housing are needed to help these work properly.  We’ll keep you informed.

Brake Adjustments - $12 - $15
Like derailleurs, sometimes new cables and housing are needed to help these operate properly. $10 for installation of new pads (plus the price of the pads).


Installation of a Cable - $10-$20
Plus the cost of the cable and housing.  This sort of depends on the condition of the bike and style of the bike.


Box and Ship - $80
Plus the cost of shipping. Insurance is offered by UPS.  Includes packing material and box.  Domestically only. Hard shell case is available for rental.


Installing Accessories - $5 on up, depending on the complexity of the accessory.  Most mechanical installations are outlined.


Build Bike in a Box - $100
Bought a bike on Craig's List or eBay?  We’ll build it for you so it works like new.


Replace Broken Spoke - $20 - $40
Plus cost of spokes.  Add $1 per spoke.  Plagued with broken spokes? Request Heavy Duty spokes and a rebuild.


Build Wheel- $55+
We will build your custom wheel or rebuild your current wheel.


Installation Prices:

Bar Tape $ 16
Chain $ 15
Chainring $25
Computer $15-$30
Derailleur Hanger $20
Freewheel/Cassette $15
Fenders $30
Grips $ 8
Pedals $ 7.5
Rack On Bike $30
Seatpost $10
Training Wheels $15
Wheel, Front $ 14
Wheel, Rear $22

Minimum Service Fee - $5