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Traveling Cyclists Visiting Revolution Cycles



Today‚Äôs travelers Nicholas Rodriguez and Dustin Miller. 
Just got to town via Amtrak and needed some gear to make their trip back to Sedalia on the Katy Trail. 
When your boss tells you that you can have three extra days off why not just go ride?!

We are undergoing website changes and have not been able to keep up with this page.  Mostly, we are sorry for not getting everyone's picture and story up.  


Aaron Polak and Joe Shaw     From: Omaha, NE   teamed up with 
Rob Van Veen and Tom Corcoran      From: Tasmania

Why:   They are riding for Ride For DIPG which is a type of brain cancer.  Click to check out their blog.  Rob and Tom started in San Francisco, rode to Portland OR, and met up with Joe and Aaron in Astoria.  They are all riding to Virginia Beach.  Rob said he just didn't want to be at home so he thought it would be cool to ride across the country (USA).

Stopped in for some new cleats, a cassette, tubes and some cool air.  They will be making their way to St Clair.  Be sure to honk and wave as you pass them on 47!!


Isaac Hardy and Casey Corrigan     From: New York  Traveling from York MA to either SanFrancisco or LosAngeles CA

Why:  Just graduated (Casey will soon) and were looking for a Big Event to do!  Then got the ol' "No way you can do that!" push from people they knew.  We know the rest of the story!

It's great to see young people chasing dreams and making them come true.  Even if its just to write another chapter in their life's storybook. Enjoy the road guys!


Andrew & Jill Blacklee     From: London, Englnd   Traveling from Charleston, SC to Seattle, WA.

Why:     Just retired and wanted to do something adventurous.

"It was his dream, I'm just along for the ride."

I hope you both enjoy the ride, more so now that your saddle is well adjusted and feels a bit better!


Wendy Montgomery     From: Vancouver, British Columbia   Traveling from Cedar Rapids, IA to Baton Rouge, LA

Why:     Rode the great divide already.  Was hoping to go to Mongolia but didn't get to.  So, picked this trip out of a hat.

I'll have to admit her load was not light, but she was making great time. 


Jasmine Sharp             From:Wales          Traveling from Washington, DC to Astoria OR

Why:     Always wanted to do it.  After talking to people who have regretted not doing adventurous things in life, decided to go and have no regrets.                                            

Thoughts:     Has experienced all extremes of weather never seen in the UK, from hurricane winds and torrential rain to extreme heat.

Traveling light, staying at hotels and enjoying the ride.  It's better to stay at a hotel and be able to shower after 6 to 8 hours of riding and sleep in a real bed.

Enjoy your ride, Jasmine!